The Suits
The suits-1-

Real Names

Smith, others unknown




Big Tobacco (leader), Smith, Pointy, Bing, Webber, unnamed member

Base of Operations

Champion City


Casanova Frankenstein, Casanova Frankenstein's gangs




Secret Identities (Big Tobacco, Pointy, Bing, Webber, unnamed member), Public Identity (Smith)


United States


Criminals, Business men

Portrayed by

James Duke, Michael Chieffo, Gil Christner, Carl Strand, Others Unknown


The Suits is a gang comprised of corrupt business men Smith, Pointy, Bing, Webber, an unnamed member and led by the owner of a large tobacco corparation, known only by the alias Big Tobacco. At some point before 1979, they became members of a large criminal organization when they were approached by the Supervillain Casanova Frankenstein, who began uniting all organized crime groups in Champion City together under his rule. They remained with his organization until his incarceration in a mental institution in 1979. In 1999, the Suits attend a meeting held by the recently paroled Casanova Frankenstein intended to reunite his former gangs and to demonstrate his new weapon for them. They witness the end results of the machine's power after they are shown Captain Amazing's dead body. During a final attack on Casanova's mansion by the Mystery Men, the Suits are defeated. It is unknown whether or not they survived the destruction of Casanova's mansion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Business Management: The Suits are all incredibly shrewd and savvy businessmen.



  • Briefcases: Wielded by all of the Suits and used to block Blue Raja's forks.

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