Chloroform-deploying Portable Enticement Snare
Chloroform-deploying Portable Enticement Snare

Official Name

Chloroform-deploying Portable Enticement Snare


Multi-frequency Radio Detonator


Casanova Frankenstein


Casanova Frankenstein


Casanova Frankenstein


Trap, decoy, gas deployment device




The Chloroform-deploying Portable Enticement Snare is a device created by Casanova Frankenstein and designed to look like a Multi-frequency Radio Detonator, but actually deploys a burst of chloroform out of what looks like the antenna in order to incapacitate whoever picks it up. It was created some time after Casanova's final fight with the superhero, Captain Amazing. It was placed in a trash in by Casanova in preparation for another confrontation with Amazing. After Casanova destroyed the Insane Asylum where he was previously locked up, Captain Amazing arrived and, thinking he found evidence of the crime, picked the device out of the trash, receiving a full burst of gas and was rendered unconscious. The device was in Casanova's mansion and was destroyed along with his mansion during the final battle with the Mystery Men.

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